What are the benefits to becoming a U.S. citizen?

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Either citizens or non-citizens who live in the USA get many rights according to the US Constitution and laws.

At the same time, some rights and privileges can be given to US citizens only. There are the main advantages of getting US citizenship as you can:

  • Vote. US citizens can participate in Federal elections.
  • Bring members of your family to the USA. The petition of bringing family members for a permanent residing in the USA from the citizens is prioritized.
  • Obtain citizenship for children born in other countries. Most often, children born in another country to a US citizen get US citizenship automatically.
  • Travel with US passport. You can be assisted by the US government representatives abroad if you have a US passport.
  • Get right to apply for Federal jobs. Many governmental jobs can be obtained only by citizens.
  • Become an Elected Official. You can participate in governing of the USA if you are an American citizen only.
  • Receive financial aid. US citizens can apply for different financial aid grants including scholarships.
  • Spend less money. It is cheaper to file for naturalization than remain a green card holder with a status of a permanent resident.
  • Be certain. Permanent resident status is revocable, while citizenship is for the rest of your life (if you never commit any crime against the state).

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