Do I need to list all of my children on Form N-400?

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Naturally, you should indicate all the children you have on Form N-400. This information is provided in Part 11 entitled as “Information About Your Children”. Fill it out as it is mentioned below.

Item Number 1. You should provide a total number of children. All children nevertheless if they are alive, have been missed or died; born abroad or in the USA; 18 years senior or junior; married or not; residing next to you or far away; are stepchildren or legally adopted ones; born in the not official marriage should be counted.

Item Number 2. Give details about every child listed in the previous item. You should include child’s current legal name; A-number if there is any; date and country of birth (the last one should be indicated in the way it sounded at the time when your child was born); relationship to you (e.g. biological, step, legally adopted) and current address.

  1. You can type or print “Child Residing With Me” in the address space if he or she lives with you.
  2. Unless your child lives with you, indicate the address where it lives.
  3. If a child has been missed or deceased, type or print “Child Missing” or “Child Deceased” in the space meant for address.